Centre for Spirituality at Work


Coaching, Mentoring & Consulting

Our goal is to help you grow your spirit AND work - not just through information, skills and community, but through demonstration. In other words, to help you do work that you love & care about, which makes a difference in the world, and enables you to earn a decent living.

To support you in this, we now provide fee-based Coaching, Mentoring and Consulting services. Please consider our services below... and let us know if there's something more that you need.


Coaching, Mentoring & Consulting Services
To bring more spirit into your work...
and grow more work that enriches your heart, your life and the planet

Reflecting on your work right now, what calls out most to you?

A desire for:
- Greater clarity about your direction and purpose
- Practical ways to use spiritual wisdom to grow your work
- Insights into how to make ‘more of a difference’
- New ways to communicate your ideas, projects, events, products or services
- Greater understanding & connection with clients/customers, co-workers/colleagues?

Do you want:
- work that ‘sings to you’ or expresses more of who you are
- more peace of mind or a deeper spiritual connection
- hope for the future, or new ways to make change
- connection with people who understand where you’re coming from
- someone to talk with, about what you’re going through?

Perhaps our services can help...

Coaching/Mentoring to:
- Reflect on your current work (and life) issues
- Listen to your deeper needs, aspirations, blocks or challenges
- Help you take steps to grow your work, professional/personal self, or spirituality
- Find practical ways to bring more purpose, values and spirit into what you do
- Have someone to talk to who understands...

Coaching & Consulting to:
- Help you communicate your ideas, projects and services – in ways that express what matters most to you, and connect with the needs of others
- Design & implement projects and programs to grow your work, make a difference, and contribute to well-being and transformation
- Assist self-employed, home-based or 'conscious' businesses/organizations
- Develop new approaches/strategies for social change.

Rates/Fees: $60 to $125 per hour    (Based on the service, with flexibility due to need)

Want more details? Click here for more information.
Or please get in touch with Eric Hellman at:

778-379-8344 (Vancouver, Canada) -or- eric@spiritualityatwork.org