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We all ‘work’ at something each day – projects, tasks, emails, meetings, organizing or leading, finding new work or clients, dealing with conflicts, going places, managing time, or earning money...

Does your daily work inspire or exhaust your spirit?

Is it mostly about making a living and getting things done? Or can it be more than that, so you feel more inspired and fulfilled, do work that really matters to you, and create a better world?

If you want to work with more love, soul & purpose...
transform what you do by becoming more mindful/conscious...
or apply your faith & spiritual wisdom in whatever your work is...

We'd like to support you in doing that.

Who We Are
Created in 1999, the Centre for Spirituality at Work is a network or community of over 600 people. Originally 
based in Toronto, our office is now In Vancouver, Canada. Our members include those who are self-employed, employed in small-to-large companies & organizations, volunteers and unemployed - locally, regionally & around the world.

Our focus is on supporting people who want to connect their spirituality, faith or consciousness growth with their work. This includes:

  • growing our spiritual understanding, experience and connection
  • drawing on a deeper wisdom within/around us
  • finding practical ways to apply this in whatever we do for our work.

What is "spirituality"?
It's however you define it. For some, it's an experience of something larger than oneself.
A connection to nature, our deeper humanity or life itself. For others, it's faith, a belief in God, a higher power, intelligence or mind. And for still others, it's about becoming more 'conscious' - and contributing to the "consciousness shift" that's happening in our world. Regardless of our beliefs, the Centre is a place to discover what we have in common, connect who we are with the work we do, and to help others do the same.

What We Do
Our goal is to support members in growing their "spirit + work" - wherever they are - through helping them connect, collaborate, share what they do and learn from others. And we'd like you to be part of it...

Here's what we do:

  • a regular Newsletter about events, online resources and information
  • an online forum or Bulletin Board to post your/our news and information
  • host monthly Meditations (in Toronto)

  • announce the work, services and events of members

  • provide information on events, conferences and work by other people and groups in this field

  • offer Coaching & Consulting services to help you deal with specific needs & issues, or ways to apply this in your work, business or organization.

Our Approach
We want to help people deal with the real-life challenges and experiences of bringing "spirituality" and "consciousness" into work. To give members 'safe places' to talk about it. Openly explore the hard issues, including the conflicts, ego or aloneness we often experience. Ways to bring this work more out in the open. And the real opportunities it brings in creating progress and change in our work, our lives and our world.

Rather than convincing others what to believe, we support members in living their values & beliefs, and bringing these into whatever they do. (To be the change, not just talk about it.) We also focus on creating a community of practice, to support and learn from each other about how to apply this wisdom at work.

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Thanks for your interest, and stay tuned...
There's more to come.

Eric Hellman
Centre for Spirituality at Work